Chapter 115

Meanwhile, at the Victoria five-star hotel, the entire place was covered with red banners bearing the word ‘happiness’. Tiny red lanterns hung from the trees, and the place was high-spirited. All parking spots have been fully occupied by luxury cars and helicopters. It was like an exhibition for these vehicles. Because the Sullivan family had reserved the entire hotel, the outside was surrounded by security, and they wouldn’t let even a fly enter. Inside the largest and most extravagant Sky Ballroom on the top floor, the wedding aisle was nicely decorated. The aisle was made of pieces of tempered glass with white roses framed inside the glass. There were countless white rose lamps about a meter tall and white cotton clouds on either side of the aisle. Below the clouds were made beady light bulbs. When they lit up, the entire stage seemed like a large piece of romantic cloud. Many massive crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling, dazzling the whole place as if all the wonde

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