Chapter 113

Vrrt, vrrt, vrrt. Her phone vibrated. Xyla casually glanced at the screen to see that Five Batton had sent her a WeChat message. She immediately opened it. “I might not be able to reach on time. I’ll be late for an hour.” There wouldn’t be an issue if he was only late for an hour. The ceremony would have ended by then and he would be just in time for lunch. As long as he showed up, it won’t be a problem. Only, the enigmatic Emily would definitely try to cause a scene, but no worries, Xyla could handle it. “What happened?” Xyla replied. In her mind, he was a punctual person, so something huge must have happened. “Emergency.” “Alright then.” Emily replied before putting down her phone and entering the bathroom. He did not tell her what the emergency was and was sensible enough not to ask. After showering, Xyla noticed that there was still time, so she lay in bed with a mask on before sitting down at the dressing table to put on her makeup. Her gaze inadvertently fel

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