Chapter 112

Emily was stunned. “What do you mean? Hasn’t it been arranged that we’ll be able to get out today?” “Not today. There’s something wrong with our internet, so we can’t perform the release procedures. It’ll have to be tomorrow, at least eleven in the morning,” said the correctional officer. The correctional officer’s words were like a splash of cold water on Emily, extinguishing all of their wondrous expectations. Tomorrow was the day of her wedding. If she could only have the release procedures done tomorrow, what about her wedding? Would it have to be postponed? The Sullivan family expected her to be released today. Hence, they did not change the wedding date. The invitations had already been sent out, so it was impossible to postpone. However, if the wedding at twelve in the afternoon couldn’t be delayed, there wouldn’t be time for anything if she left prison at eleven. There wouldn’t be time for proper makeup, no time for a nice hairdo. She would have to rush to the venue

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