Chapter 1133

It was a voice call from Blue Sky Exploration Team’s leader, Darren Green. Xyla instantly tapped on the button to answer the call. “Ms. Quest… We are fortunate. I just came to Blue Mountain City and discovered something huge. I discovered a decent jade mine vein here. Based on the rough stones I see, they are of very high quality… Are you sure you don’t need us to check the specific conditions down there?” Darren asked. “That won’t be necessary… Send me the geographical location… I’ll go and check it out later…” Xyla was feeling overjoyed right then. She really didn’t expect Darren to find a jade mine so soon… “Alright, I’ll send it to you right away,” Darren said. “Okay…” Xyla said. After that, Xyla hung up the phone. After hanging up, she sent Stanley Batton a WeChat message to tell him that he might have to head over to Blue Mountain City to check out the jade mine. Stanley didn’t reply to her. Xyla knew that he might be in a meeting. Hence, she didn’t send him another mes

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