Chapter 1134

As soon as Stanley Batton got off the helicopter, he very quickly carried Xyla Quest off the helicopter too. Their affectionate demeanor made everyone around them envious. They were located mid-mountain. In Stanley’s arms, at one glance, Xyla could see endless mountains, the wildflowers all throughout the mountains, as well as wild grass and trees… The multitude of colors blending together was magnificent to behold. The twenty bodyguards dressed in black also quickly got out of the helicopter and lined up in two rows next to Xyla and Stanley. Immediately after that, the Blue Sky Exploration Team members quickly walked up to Xyla and Stanley. Each of them were tanned. They all looked healthy and shiny. Their leader was a middle-aged man with short hair. He nodded politely as he looked at Stanley. “Mr. Batton, Madam… Nice to meet you…” “This is Darren Green…” Stanley looked calmly at Darren and said. He continued to hold Xyla in the same posture. They were behaving like this in

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