Chapter 1132

A piece of news about Xyla Quest appeared on her phone— “Popular period drama, Green Clouds Above, with the same title as the original work, is confirmed to have started filming. Xyla Quest will be acting as the fairy, Pink Misty! Photos from the shoot have been made publicly available!” Xyla didn’t expect Sebastian Brenand to make her photos publicly available so soon… After all, those photos were taken only the day before. When Sharon Lindt saw the content on Xyla’s phone, she instantly started speaking excitedly. “Let’s take a look at your photos. Last night, Stanley showed me a video of you getting your makeover. I was stunned by how beautiful you were.” Xyla instantly tapped on it. The thing that came to view was a nine-picture collage of Pink Misty’s photos. There were pictures of her strumming a harp with her head lowered as well as her smiling while she looked down… All the pictures had gray backgrounds. Since the photos weren’t edited, they were looking at complete or

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