Chapter 1131

After that, Ron Batton handed a red document holder over to Stanley Batton. “These are the share transfer contracts we have signed. There are also a series of documents amended by the company’s legal staff… They’ve all been publicly certified… Now, the entire Dragon Group belongs to you… Do a good job, alright?” “Okay, I won’t let you down.” Stanley seemed determined. “Okay. I believe in you… Alright, I’ll be getting back to work. You guys have fun…” After that, Ron got up and headed upstairs. After Ron had left, Sharon Lindt endearingly held Xyla Quest’s hand. “Xyla, will you stay at home for dinner tonight?” she asked affectionately. Xyla instantly nodded. Sharon beamed with a smile. “What would you like to eat? I’ll cook for you…” “Anything will do. I’ll eat anything as long as you make it…” Xyla said. “You are such a sweet-talker.” Sharon was delighted. “Xyla is the best daughter-in-law in the world.” “Mom, that’s too much.” Xyla chuckled embarrassedly. “How is that too mu

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