Chapter 1123

Georgie Clementine rolled her eyes at Henry Armstrong. She didn’t want to continue talking to this person at all. Instead, she silently walked upstairs with him. However, Henry struck up a conversation again. “How did you get into a fight with that lunatic? Can you tell me now?” After that, Georgie told Henry everything in detail. She still had an annoyed look in her eyes. When Georgie talked about this, she was very upset. Henry instantly nodded a few times. The look of approval in his eyes grew more intense. He couldn’t help but smile when he looked at her approvingly. “You did awesome. It’s always great to punish jerks sometimes. When you do it all the time, you get to feel great all the time.” “I bet that psycho won’t give up so easily. My mother told me his family is quite rich…” Georgie said. She predicted that Woody Grayson would still come looking for trouble for a while. However, she had nothing to be afraid of either. However, Henry snickered indifferently. “Tsk… He’d

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