Chapter 1124

“One man and one woman inside this room beat me up. Hurry up and lock them up in prison.” Woody Grayson’s voice could be heard once again. He still sounded angry. When people in the room heard his voice, they all frowned a little. Henry Armstrong snorted coldly as he gently moved his wrists around. “Bloody hell. He actually dares to come here…” Right after that, someone pushed the door open. Woody, whose face was swollen with bruises, stood at the door and pointed arrogantly at Henry and Georgie Clementine inside the room. “You two… Come out. You’re both dead! You’re definitely going to prison!” Henry smiled a little, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he calmly drank his tea. Meanwhile, the other people in the room didn’t even bat an eyelid at Woody. They all continued to eat their food. Each of them seemed to have an aura of power around them. However, in the next second, when Woody’s gaze landed upon Stanley Batton’s face with a cold expression, he immediately felt uneasy

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