Chapter 1122

“Xyla, Stanley, and the others are all up there. Come… Let’s go up and eat,” Henry Armstrong said before pulling Georgie Clementine inside. “No, I won’t be going. I still have some stuff to do…” Georgie said as she struggled to pull away. However, Henry simply wouldn’t let go. He dragged her forcefully into the restaurant. As soon as he walked through the door, he lowered his head and took out his phone with one hand to call his assistant, Rosalie Myers. “Inform the subordinates that what I did in front of Lou’s Chrysanthemum must not be shared to the public…” After that, Henry directly hung up his phone and continued pulling Georgie into the restaurant… “Henry… I really don’t want to go… I’ve already eaten,” Georgie said. She didn’t want to stick around with Henry. Hearing this, Henry immediately came to a halt and smiled and looked at her face. “If you don’t go, I’ll kiss you in front of everyone until you cry right here, right now,” he whispered by her ear. Everyone walking p

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