Chapter 1121

The moment Georgie Clementine’s heel landed on Woody Grayson’s foot, he immediately yelped in pain. “Ahh…” Suddenly, the veins on his neck bulged. In the next second, Georgie quickly pulled her leg away before turning around and leaving… “Georgie Clementine, just you wait. I’ll definitely make your life miserable in Atlantis!” Woody pointed at Georgie angrily as he shouted. The dispute between them very quickly attracted a crowd of observers. Regardless of how many pairs of eyes were on her, Georgie remained calm and dominant as usual. Henry Armstrong saw that this person deserved to be hit too. He immediately tugged at the tie around his neck, turning his neck around slightly. After that, he directly rolled his white sleeves up to his elbows. Then, Henry walked right over to Woody and forcefully punched the man in his face. In the next second, Woody fell to the ground. With some of his teeth knocked off, fresh blood immediately flowed out of his mouth. Woody was in so much pa

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