Chapter 1120

The things this man said had already made Georgie Clementine feel very annoyed. Now that he was behaving like an obnoxious jerk, it made Georgie feel even more disgusted. Georgie really didn’t know what gave this person the courage to act like this. However, she didn’t want to argue with him in public. She instantly pushed his hand away and was prepared to leave. Arguing with someone like him would only devalue herself. People like him didn’t even deserve a glance from her. After finishing what she wanted to say, Georgie directly turned around and left. Meanwhile, Woody Grayson continued to tail after her to the restaurant’s entrance. He really didn’t like this woman’s attitude toward him. What was she playing at? Noticing that Woody had followed her out, Georgie couldn’t be bothered to continue speaking with him. Hence, she started walking to her car. “Say, Georgie…” Woody directly called out to her. Georgie continued to ignore him and pressed her car key to unlock her car.

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