Chapter 1119

With Rachel Wood’s personality, she spoke very little. Moreover, she was very prim and proper… Since the two of them had similar opinions on many things, they were able to have a great conversation. *** Meanwhile, in the grand lobby downstairs, Georgie Clementine walked through the door. She directly walked over to a young man, who wore a suit and had small eyes, sitting at a table by the window. The man before her was dressed up very well. He was wearing a dark blue Armani suit and a white Versace shirt on the inside. There wasn’t a single wrinkle on his outfit. For someone like Georgie, who’d gotten used to seeing handsome men, she honestly found him unattractive. Compared to the man’s presentable way of dressing up, Georgie was much more casual. She didn’t have any makeup on, and she was wearing the tight-fitting black dress she’d worn to work today. When the man saw Georgie, he immediately stood up cheerfully and extended a hand to Georgie. “Hello… Miss, my name is Woody Gra

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