Chapter 1118

“No, it wasn’t hot…” Xyla Quest said. Immediately after that, Sebastian Brenand held Rachel Wood in his arms and sat next to Henry Armstrong. He started pouring Rachel a cup of tea considerately. He seemed incomparably devoted. Seeing how the two couples were being visibly affectionate, Henry felt awfully envious as a bachelor. When would he be able to make Georgie Clementine his and show their love off like this too? Why did other people’s love come so easy while his seemed so difficult? “I shouldn’t have come today…” Henry looked at the two couples and joked. “Go ahead, be jealous and hateful,” Sebastian teased. “What’s there to be jealous of? I’ll get my sweet love sooner or later,” Henry said confidently. “Hehe… I feel that getting Georgie to say yes to you is even more difficult than getting flowers to bloom on a steel tree,” Sebastian said. “Can you not curse me? If I manage to get Georgie, I’ll show off our love in front of you every day until you die,” Henry said. “In

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