Chapter 1059

Xyla Quest smiled. “Of course, I’m serious.” With that, Xyla scanned the stall’s QR code using WeChat and transferred 50,000 to the stall owner… The boss was insanely happy. He tried to suppress his laughter. “I’m telling you now. There’s a rule in the antique business. Once you buy something… You can’t return it. I’m sure you’re aware of that, right?” This lady in front of him looked rather pretty, but why was she an idiot? Why would she pay 50,000 for a lousy teapot? Xyla smiled. “Of course, I know the rule. You’ll have to remember the rule you spoke of too.” Nearby, a few youngsters who were strolling past the stall couldn’t help but start laughing— “Young lady, should I say you’re a fool with a lot of money or a rich person who’s foolish?” “At one glance, I can tell it’s not worth it… You’ve been tricked.” “Yeah. I wouldn’t pay five dollars for this lousy teapot.” The things that Xyla heard were extremely annoying, but Xyla couldn’t care less about them. Instead, she smil

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