Chapter 1058

Encrustation formed over long periods due to dust, sweat, soil, or moisture. It then became the outer layer of an object. Generally speaking, the older something was, the thicker its encrustation. Therefore, Xyla Quest concluded that this thing was not as simple as it seemed. She immediately fixed her gaze upon the purple clay teapot, and she then activated her X-ray vision. Soon, the dark purple clay teapot began to enlarge continuously before her eyes… After that, her vision pierced the layer of encrustation. She was able to see the purple clay teapot itself. There was a lifelike dragon carved on the teapot. Overall, the workmanship was exquisite. It didn’t seem like it came from the hands of an ordinary person. Xyla then looked carefully at the sign hanging above this stall. “Second-hand antique trading.” For knowledgeable people, second-hand antique trading stalls like this in a night market were known for fooling idiots… Xyla didn’t expect to discover something good like

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