Chapter 1060

“If I’m not mistaken, that’s a work of Michelangelo. It originally came in a pair. I previously had one of them in my collection…” The old man said. “Michelangelo?” The stall owner was stunned. “Do you mean… The originator of purple clay teapot, Michelangelo? The one from the 15th century?” “Yes…” The old man said. “Oh my god… Then… How much does it worth?” The stall owner’s eyes were filled with shock. “If it’s really a work of Michelangelo, it’d be worth at least ten million,” the old man said. “What? Is this thing worth ten million? I sold it for 50,000. Why was I still foolishly giggling here? Am I stupid?” The stall owner felt remorseful, and he repeatedly stomped his feet in place. “Well… Yes.” The old man turned around and left after saying that. The stall owner was left fuming on his own. “D*mn! I’m really stupid!” Meanwhile, the youngsters were thoroughly shocked. After looking at each other, they all took in a deep breath and started discussing amongst themselves— “T

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