Chapter 1053

Xyla Quest wanted to see if the others would still make a higher offer. “I’ll offer 1.7 billion…” A bald, middle-aged man said. “I’ll offer 1.8 billion…” Zim Hummers said. 1.8 million… This had exceeded Xyla’s initial valuation… However, Xyla still didn’t speak. Instead, she silently watched them fight amongst themselves… After the bid price of 1.8 billion was offered, nobody else followed suit. The people shouting their bids in front of her also gradually began to disperse. Xyla looked at Zim and snapped her fingers joyfully. “Alright… It’s a deal.” When Zim heard this, he felt overjoyed… “1.8 billion… That’s really amazing…” “She bought it with fifty-one million and sold it at 1.8 billion. That’s one hell of a profit!” “This young, pretty lady has a boundless future!” The people around Xyla all looked at her in admiration. As everyone talked about her, they each wished they were her. At this moment, Xyla basked in all the glory. She went from being the subject of ridic

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