Chapter 1052

Sharon Lindt was completely dumbfounded. Nobody would’ve expected a seemingly lousy material to contain truly top-notch glassy imperial green jade! “How… How could this be? How could it actually be glassy imperial green jade?” “Logically, this shouldn’t happen… How could a lousy material like this contain so much glassy imperial green jade? Has there been a mistake?” “If only I had known, I would’ve bid for it too! I really shouldn’t mock others for having poor judgment.” “This pretty lady really does have good judgment. It looks like I’m the one who has poor judgment.” “As expected of the wife of Dragon Group’s heir. She certainly does have good judgment! I’m deeply embarrassed with myself.” The people who previously mocked her all had a shift in their attitude now. When they saw the extremely pretty glassy imperial green jade on the screen, they were so amazed that they could barely breathe. Looking at what was on the big screen, Xyla Quest was filled with a sense of accompl

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