Chapter 1054

Soon, the bidding began. The starting price, fifty million, was the same as before… Everyone rushed to make their bids… In the end, the old man behind Xyla Quest offered eighty million dollars and bought the jade rock directly. After purchasing it, the old man looked at Xyla. “Lady, I’ll show you what kind of stuff is inside the rock that you said isn’t good. You’re still too young and inexperienced.” With that, the old man stood up and confidently looked at the auctioneer on stage. “Cut it open right away…” “Alright…” The auctioneer smiled. After that, Zim Hummers led three handsome staff members onto the stage. While everyone watched, Zim and the staff members placed the object onto the cutting machine and started to cut it open… The large screen behind them displayed details of the process clearly. At this moment, everyone was paying attention to the piece of original jade rock. The old man with white hair was also the center of attention. Soon, the cutting of the materi

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