Chapter 1044

“I asked them to hurry up and leave, but they refused! They even hit me and threatened me… If you don’t believe me, you can ask my juniors,” the scarred bald man said. After saying that, he pointed at a large group of men wearing black tunic suits behind him. His juniors instantly nodded. His ability to lie about what happened, which was actually the opposite case, could be considered first-class. When Xyla Quest heard this, she couldn’t help but frown a little. However, she had met a lot of lowly people like him. The thing this man had done was not enough to make her upset. It was the same for Stanley Batton. After that, the scarred bald man’s wimpy attitude changed completely. He now arrogantly pointed at Xyla and Stanley. “Just you wait. My master will take care of you people… I am his favorite, oldest disciple. Bullying me is the same as bullying my master!” Since he was his master’s oldest disciple, his master had always treated him like his son… He believed that his mast

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