Chapter 1043

To prevent this man from playing tricks, Xyla Quest had to do this. The scarred bald man subconsciously put his hands up in surrender. After that, he repeatedly nodded. In the next second, he started to lead Xyla forward. Stanley Batton and the rest of the group followed close behind them. Meanwhile, the young men who came with the scarred bald man also quickly followed them. The scene of a large group of people walking in the dense forest was spectacular. Xyla walked at the front with a gun pressed against the scarred bald man. On the other hand, Stanley led the large group of people and walked behind her as an escort. With a cold muzzle pressed against his back, the scarred bald man broke out in a cold sweat. Moreover, his gaze suddenly turned cold when nobody could see his eyes. Soon, he was smiling slyly. However, the smile disappeared almost instantly. Approximately ten minutes later, the scarred bald man led the large group of people to the entrance of a two-story, coun

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