Chapter 1045

Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton looked at each other, stunned. They then shifted their gaze to Yaksha once again. The situation before them left them both feeling a little puzzled. Due to the urgency of the situation, Xyla carefully helped Yaksha up and looked inquisitively into Yaksha’s slightly reddened eyes. “Do… Do you know who I am?” “I’ve seen you before… You are Xyla Quest…” Yaksha’s sounded as hoarse as it did before. “You’ve seen me?” Xyla looked shocked. “Yes… Your family has helped me before…” Yaksha added. “My family?” Xyla increasingly felt that this was a little inconceivable. It turned out that Yaksha was treating her like this because of that… “Yes…” Yaksha said. “Which one of my family members helped you?” Xyla asked. “I don’t want to bring up the past. All you need to remember is that I’ll be willing to do anything you ask of me in the future,” Yaksha added. After hearing this, the scarred bald man felt even more dubious. Yaksha’s words instantly made Xyla

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