Chapter 1040

In the next second, however, Xyla Quest’s gaze penetrated through Stanley Batton’s clothes. She was able to see his muscular body. She tried to keep seeing through him, but she realized that she couldn’t… Her gaze could only penetrate his clothes, but not his body. Immediately after that, she tried again to look at a large tree next to her. This time, her gaze was also unable to penetrate the tree. Then, she shifted her gaze to Stanley’s watch. This time, her gaze could easily penetrate the watch and see everything inside. In the next second, she observed the accessories on the bodyguards and the porcelain bottles discarded by the road. Likewise, her gaze could penetrate through all of those objects. She noticed a large, white bug on a large tree beside her. Xyla instantly fixed her gaze on the bug and tried to see through it. This time, it still didn’t work. Xyla was now certain that her eyes could penetrate rocks, accessories, and some other inanimate objects, but she co

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