Chapter 1039

Xyla Quest shook her head again. At this moment, she still felt a coolness in her eyes. This feeling was very comfortable and refreshing. “Why does this stone look so unique?” Behind them, a bodyguard was holding a white rock the size of his palm as he carefully examined it. When Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton heard this, they instantly stopped walking and looked at the person who spoke. The large rock in his hand caught Xyla’s eye… It seemed to be an original jade rock. “I didn’t expect to find an original jade rock in a place like this,” Stanley said blandly. “I wonder what can be found inside the rock…” Xyla felt very curious about the rock… As soon as she said that, the white rock in the bodyguard’s hand started to expand infinitely before her eyes. At that moment, Xyla felt as if her eyes were like a camera that could easily adjust its focal distance. After the rock was magnified countless times, her sight quickly penetrated the surface of the rock, allowing her to see i

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