Chapter 1038

At this moment, Zack Cassidy and the others were like headless chickens constantly looking for a way out. Everyone seemed exhausted, and despair was written all over their faces. When they saw Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton arriving with help, light was suddenly restored to their eyes. “Mr. Batton! Madam!” Everyone said in unison. After that, Zack brought a dozen bodyguards with him and ran to Xyla and Stanley. “Hmm… Are you all okay? Did you get hurt?” Xyla asked concernedly. After that, she carefully scanned. “We didn’t get hurt,” Zack said. “That’s good.” Xyla finally felt relieved. After saying that, she waved at the bodyguards behind her. Soon, the bodyguards brought mineral water to Zack and the others in an organized manner. Zack and the rest directly opened the bottled mineral water and emptied half of the bottles in their hands. “Here, the conventional compass and geomantic compass don’t work… Mr. Batton, Madam, we really couldn’t find a way out… We’ve been going aro

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