Chapter 1041

A cool breeze with a floral fragrance swept upon them, making them feel refreshed. “Who are you people?” A cold, icy voice asked… A young bald man dressed in a black tunic suit appeared from the opposite side of the woods… There was a long, striking, red scar in the center of the man’s face. The scar extended from the left side of his face to the right side of his face. It made him seem extremely fierce. From the time they got onto this island until now, they had not met anyone. Moreover, this place was like a complex maze with tall trees blocking out the sun. This place didn’t seem like a place that ordinary people would like to live in. On top of that, Yaksha seemed to have a love for freedom and often came and went without a trace. Xyla Quest at first thought that Yaksha would be staying here alone. However, she didn’t expect that there would actually be someone else… Xyla guessed that this person was probably Yaksha’s disciple or subordinate. “Hello… I am Xyla Quest. I wo

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