Chapter 101

“Look for a place of around sixty to seventy square meters, and one at a lower price. It should preferably be away from central areas. A second-hand house works too,” Stanley Batton said. “Fifth Master, don’t you only purchase property in the golden zones?” Zack Cassidy felt that he no longer knew Fifth Master as well as he did before. “Yeah,” Stanley uttered. “I’ll get it done tomorrow,” Zack said. “Buy the house within a day and throw all the furniture away. I want them to be replaced with new ones, but they can’t be from well-known brands,” Stanley added. “Yes, Fifth Master,” Zack said. “Make sure you disinfect the place inside and out for at least three times,” Stanley said. “Got it. Fifth Master, are you going to stay there?” Zack asked. “…” Stanley remained silent as he lit a cigarette and looked out at the city’s busy view at night. The smoke surrounding his fingers made them appear much longer and more elegant. *** After Xyla Quest arrived home, she first walked out onto her ba

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