Chapter 102

It seemed like Jeremy Quest was serious about getting a divorce despite how badly it hurt him. Xyla Quest did not react to it as she continued to hold Jeremy’s arm as they walked out the door. After the snow from the night before, the courtyard was completely white. The servants and bodyguards were occupied with clearing the snow. After Xyla and her father greeted everyone, they proceeded to run out of the courtyard and continued along the pedestrian lane. By then, most of the snow in the middle of the road had already melted away. However, the snow on both sides of the road had not completely melted yet, and sanitation workers were busy shoveling them aside. Although the weather was cold, neither of them felt cold because they were exercising. After running along the asphalt road for a few kilometers outside their house, the two leaned against a wilted cherry blossom tree to rest. With their backs facing each other, they panted heavily. Their clothes were soaked all the way through. “

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