Chapter 100

Stanley Batton quickly walked to his car. As soon as he entered, a cold breeze blew into the car. Zack Cassidy, who had fallen asleep in the driver’s seat, slowly opened his eyes. Quickly, Zack pushed his golden-framed glasses up his nose-bridge. After checking the time, he glanced at the rearview mirror to look at the aristocratic man in the backseat. “Fifth Master, has the young madam been teaching you about Chinese medicine the whole time?” Zack asked with a look of disbelief. “Yeah,” Stanley answered. “And you sat there like a good boy and listened to her the entire time?” Zack was beginning to wonder if he was in a dream. Zack found it hard to picture Fifth Master sitting next to his wife like a studious child. When did he become this obedient? “Do you have a problem with that?” Stanley asked as he raised his brows and looked at Zack’s face through the rearview mirror. Zack immediately felt a chill down his spine. “No. I wouldn’t dare. I was just curious. What did the young madam

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