Chapter 976

Max waved his hand before he said, “Yes, of course! Why not? Just serve us the dish!” After he was done speaking, Max continued saying, “Oh, by the way, please bring us two bottles of Ace of Spades champagne!” The waiter replied, “Sir, a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne is $18,888.00. It is also non-refundable once the bottle of champagne is opened. Is that okay?” Max replied immediately, “Yes! Hurry up and serve it as soon as possible!” When they heard that he had just ordered two bottles of champagne which cost $18,888.00 each, all of them could no longer sit still. After doing the calculation, this meal had already cost more than sixty thousand dollars. Even if they would only have to pay for half of the bill for dinner tonight, wouldn’t they still have to pay thirty thousand dollars then? Even if they were to split the bill equally among the rest of them, each of them would still have to pay two thousand dollars each! Harvey was a little embarrassed as he said, “Max, we don

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