Chapter 977

As soon as Max heard Charlie’s words, he smiled before he said sarcastically, “Oh, Charlie you’re really good at bragging!” Charlie smiled faintly before he said, “What is there to brag about? If you don’t believe me, then we can both just pay one hundred thousand dollars in advance so we can spend two hundred thousand dollars for the dinner tonight. What do you think?” After Max heard Charlie’s words, he said excitedly, “Is this true?” Charlie took out his cell phone before he opened his mobile banking app as he told the waiter, “Come and scan the QR code for payment first.” When Max saw this, he really wanted to jump up in excitement! He was originally planning to spend more money on the dinner tonight. After that, he would be able to claim more money when he was trying to claim reimbursement from his boss. However, his group of friends from the orphanage were really very pathetic. They kept making noise as he was ordering the dishes and they were really being very annoying. Ho

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