Chapter 975

Charlie had never been a good person anyway. He would only try to save someone if he pitied them. However, the premise was that the other party should be able to differentiate between the good and bad. However, if the other party did not know what was good for himself, then he would not allow himself to be snubbed despite his good intentions. Since some people were so stubborn, then it would be best for them to experience misfortune for themselves. Anyway, they had made the decision on their own and they would not be able to push the blame on anyone else for their misfortunes in the future. Therefore, Charlie deliberately changed the topic. At this time, he immediately said, “If you want to talk about making money, then I think that you should go back and talk about it in private. The reason why we’re here today is because we want to treat Mrs. Lewis to dinner. We haven’t even ordered any food after sitting here for so long.” Max immediately smiled as he said, “Come, come. Let’s

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