Chapter 974

The man blurted out, “Brother Max, count me in! Count me in!” Mrs. Lewis had not said anything so far but when she heard this, she could not help but say worriedly, “Max, there are a lot of online loan platforms with high interest rates which have been exposed on television nowadays. Their profitable interest rates are really scary. I think that it would be best not to get involved with any online loan platforms if it isn’t a last resort.” Max really did not expect Mrs. Lewis to come out and try to spoil his own plan. After that, he said, “Mrs. Lewis, the interest rates for the online loan platforms that you’ve mentioned are indeed very high. However, the online loan platforms operated by my friends are all very formal and upright. Their interest rates aren’t that high compared to the interest rates of other loan companies. In fact, their interest rates are almost negligible.” After a pause, Max said again, “Actually, under any normal circumstances, I wouldn’t do this kind of thing

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