Chapter 973

The reason why Max was rejecting Joey’s request was simply because he was putting on an act and trying to play hard to get. He was the investment director of a scam fund, just like those thunderous P2P. His job was to do everything within his ability to try to fool those who did not understand this so they would invest all of their money in this so-called fund. In fact, none of these funds would possibly make them any money. As long as anyone invested in the fund, they were doomed to lose all their money and they would not even be able to get back a single penny. When Charlie’s mother-in-law, Elaine, was previously defrauded of her investment, she had also been deceived by this kind of fake funding company. As long as the money had already been entered into their company’s account, it would be completely impossible for them to get back their money. However, what Max was trying to do today was not to get them to invest in his own fund. Instead, he wanted to trick them into giving hi

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