Chapter 972

Max was literally illustrating his personal experience. He was the one who had assumed the car was a Passat simply by seeing the Volkswagen logo, missing the ‘Phaeton’ entirely, and crashing into it. He was in a hot mess now. He now had millions of dollars of debt that he didn’t know how to settle. He would be so screwed if his conning strategy failed. “D*mn it!!! It’s really a Phaeton?!” A guy recognized the Phaeton’s car key. He blurted in excitement when he saw the word W12 on it, “D*mn it, this is Volkswagen’s most expensive model! The top-spec model costs more than 2 million dollars! It is known as the most underrated super luxury car. D*mn, Max, you actually bought the legendary Phaeton! You’re d*mn awesome, man!” On the other hand, the guys who had come in Max’s car and witnessed the entire incident exchanged awkward glances with each other. They didn’t expect Max to literally use Jayden’s story and start to brag. But, of course, they wouldn’t expose Max’s lies as they

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