Chapter 967

Max shivered in fright and horror. His mind was in a big mess, he didn’t know what to do. Jayden shrugged him off indifferently. He went back to his Phaeton to take his personal belongings and then tossed the car key to Max. “I have a spare key for this car, I’ll give it to you when you hand me the new car. Don’t worry, although I’m a mobster, I never blackmail anyone. I’ll take what’s mine, I won’t take anything that is not. We in the underworld have a principle—honesty!” “However, if you don’t fulfill my demand, I’ll track you down!” Then, he raised his hand to hail a cab, got in, and left like a gust of wind. Max’s friends watched the scene in awe and bewilderment. Jayden was truly the boss in the underworld, acting very decisively and with a no-nonsense attitude. He had simply tossed his 2 million dollar car here and left. He was so awesome. On the other hand, Max was crouching on the floor, wailing and crying. Where could he get the money to buy a new Phaeton? Even if he s

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