Chapter 966

The Four Great Guardians were well-known figures in Aurous Hill, and Jayden was the most famous of them all. His nickname in the underworld was Chief Jay. Max never expected that he would run into Jayden’s Phaeton in order to avoid a Porsche Cayenne. He regretted his decision very much. If he knew that it would end up like this, he would have crashed his car into the Porsche! No! If he knew it would be like this, he wouldn’t agree to race with Charlie! It was a trap! Yes, that’s right! Charlie was to blame for all of this! The b*stard had tricked him! His BMW 520 must be a modified car since it was surprisingly powerful. If Charlie hadn’t set up the trap, he wouldn’t have made such a decision! Max hated Charlie very much as he thought of it. Jayden snorted at Max’s pale and shaky face, and growled, “Hey, show me your driver’s license and ID!” Max nodded profusely, went into the car to retrieve all the cards, and handed them to Jayden respectfully. Jayden glanced at the cards

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