Chapter 968

“Alright.” Stephanie nodded indifferently. She called one of the friends who was sitting in Max’s car. “Hey, Max said that you had an accident, right? How are you guys? Is everyone okay? Mrs. Lewis is very worried!” The man cleared his throat and stuttered awkwardly, “Um… Max ran into a Phae…” Before he could finish, Max snatched the phone off the man’s hand and blurted, “Stephanie, I’m fine, we crashed into a Passat. I’m negotiating with the driver now to resolve the problem. Don’t worry, we’re almost done here, I’ll be there soon.” Stephanie said flatly, “Okay then, we’ll wait for you at the hotel entrance. We’ve been here for a long time.” Max quickly said, “Ah, I’m so sorry for the delay. Please tell Charlie that I’m sorry for not being able to complete the race, we’ll race again in a few days!” Stephanie mumbled a reluctant ‘Okay’ and ended the call. The man who had received Stephanie’s call asked, “Max, are you still going to the reunion after what happened?” “Of course!”

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