Chapter 940

Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “Don’t worry about this. Although I am not a very promising person, I am not someone that anyone can easily deal with.” Isaac sighed as he said, “Young Master, you still have to be careful. Do not neglect the Webb family or take them lightly. The Webb family has already offered a cash reward of three hundred million dollars for Cain and Marcus’s life. Countless people are already hunting the father and son down throughout the world. As soon as the father and son expose themselves, they will definitely be hacked to death by countless people.” Charlie asked curiously, “Does anyone know where the father and son have gone to?” Isaac replied, “I heard that they already went abroad. However, no one knows which country they went to because they used fake passports when they left.” Charlie nodded. Although he did not say anything, he knew very well that the reason why the Webb family wanted to hunt down the father and son was actually because of the

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