Chapter 941

The two BMW cars drove one after the other as they returned to the villa at Thompson First. Jacob’s dissatisfaction grew even stronger as Elaine continued scolding him throughout the entire way home. When he first received the phone call from Elaine, he was busy singing a love song with his first love. Therefore, he had a guilty conscience. When he heard her angry tone over the phone, he rushed to the hospital in a hurry. After calming himself down a little, he felt that Elaine was really hopeless. Therefore, Jacob’s intention of divorcing her became even stronger. After getting out of the car, Jacob went to the back seat to take out the crutches that they bought from the hospital before he passed it directly to Elaine. Elaine was initially waiting for Jacob to help her to get into the house. She even thought that he would be carrying her into the house. Unexpectedly, he simply passed the crutches to her. Elaine held the crutches in her hands as she yelled, “Jacob Wilson! You ol

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