Chapter 939

After getting a plaster cast at the Silverwing Hospital, Jacob drove Elaine home to recuperate. Elaine kept scolding Jacob who was sitting beside her. At the same time, she was trying to figure out why Jacob was dressed up so glamorously to attend the gathering today. However, Jacob’s mouth was tighter than a safe. He wanted to wait for a good opportunity to discuss the divorce with Elaine tonight. Therefore, he knew that he certainly could not allow Elaine to find out about Matilda before that. In the other car, Charlie drove Claire who had red eyes as they followed behind Jacob’s car slowly. Claire was very sympathetic toward her mother. After all, she was her daughter. Whoever saw their mother undergoing so much torture and suffering so many injuries, would definitely feel very uncomfortable. In addition, she was also worried about the relationship between her father and mother. She knew that her father was in love with Matilda. She also knew that her mother was so much worse

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