Chapter 924

Some of the inmates sympathized with her, some of them were simply enjoying the good show and some of them had their own lingering fear about the situation. As Elaine was being brought back to her cell, Charlie received a phone call from Isaac. Isaac informed Charlie over the phone, “Young master, I have already sent some people to teach Elaine a lesson. I believe that she will definitely not dare to say a single word to you after she is released from the detention center.” Charlie replied lightly, “Okay then you did a very good job on this matter.” Isaac replied, “Young master, please forgive me for saying this but I think that your mother-in-law is simply too much. She tried to steal so much money from you. Don’t you think that it would be better for you to hand her over to the police and let them deal with her according to the law? She should at least be given a suspended death sentence. Why are you releasing her?” Charlie smiled wryly before he said, “Well, you do not understa

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