Chapter 925

The prison guard’s words stunned everyone in the cell! Lady Wilson and Wendy could not believe their ears! What? Didn’t they say that Elaine was guilty of fraud? Didn’t they say that she would be locked up in this detention center for at least ten years, twenty years, or even longer than this? Why were they letting her go now? If Elaine was released now, how could they possibly be able to live in the villa at Thompson First when they are released from the detention center in ten days? Lady Wilson was panicking at this time! At this moment, Elaine, who was already half-dead, suddenly jumped out of bed in excitement when she heard the prison guard’s words! She could not feel the pain she felt when she got beaten up earlier! Elaine felt as though she had been given a brand new life after she heard this sentence. Thank god! She could finally leave this detention center now! Elaine danced and cheered excitedly, “Hahaha! This is great! I am going to be released from this detention

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