Chapter 923

When the other two women heard this, the both of them immediately rushed forward and the three of them kept punching and kicking Elaine together. Their fists and kicks greeted Elaine repeatedly and Elaine could not stop herself from crying out in pain. In fact, these three people were sent here by Isaac to scare Elaine and teach her a lesson. He wanted Elaine to believe that she was in big trouble. This way, she would not dare to cause any trouble for Charlie when she was finally released from the detention center. At this time, Elaine was rolling on the ground in pain after getting beaten up for a long time. She was screaming and begging for mercy endlessly. The other inmates were still running at this time but they stopped in their tracks as they stared at Elaine and the group of girls in shock when they heard Elaine’s screams. Although Jennifer also played a part in beating Elaine, she was never as cruel as the three other inmates. It felt as though they were trying to kill El

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