Chapter 922

Everyone started to retreat when they saw how fearsome and intimidating the scar-faced woman was, but the delightful grin on Lady Wilson’s face was a stark contrast to their timid expressions. She was very happy as long as she saw Elaine being beaten. Wendy shared the same gleeful delight too. None of the beatings that Elaine had suffered for the past two days was comparable to the slap she had sustained today. The scar-faced woman must be very strong to be able to knock Elaine to the floor with a simple slap. Elaine, on the other hand, shivered in tremendous horror! Being beaten was not a big deal for her anymore as she had experienced it firsthand for the past two days, but she didn’t understand why the scar-faced woman had beaten her. Was she a member of the transnational scam group that was here to settle the score? Just when Elaine was shaking in fright, Jennifer smiled sheepishly at the scar-faced woman and said, “Sister, we don’t know this woman. If you want to beat her up,

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