Chapter 918

Jasmine glanced at Paul gratefully. “Okay then, I don’t want to be a bother either. Let’s get together sometime. See ya!” Paul was indeed very high in IQ and EQ. He could see that Jasmine had fallen head over heels for Charlie, hence the favor. If so, he might as well be the gentleman here and help her. Jasmine turned to Charlie and said, “Let’s go then, Master Wade!” Charlie nodded with a polite smile. “Thanks for the lift.” Jasmine smiled, her face blushing shyly. “You’re welcome, Master Wade.” *** Jasmine gestured to her bodyguards to carry the flower baskets into Paul’s office. She pressed the elevator, reached out to block the door, and said, “Master Wade, after you!” Charlie nodded slightly and stepped into the elevator, and Jasmine followed in. When the elevator door closed, the faint and luxurious fragrance on Jasmine’s body slowly penetrated Charlie’s nostrils and tingled his sense of smell. He must admit that Jasmine had a great and refined taste. The top notes of th

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