Chapter 919

After Elaine returned to the detention center from the police station for questioning, she was extremely anxious and restless while waiting for the results. She had no idea if the police would release her, so she prayed and prayed wholeheartedly. In the two days since being locked up in the detention center, she had suffered the torment that she had never experienced in her life. She was on the verge of collapsing right now. She feared that she would die here if they didn’t release her. Lady Wilson was in jitters when she knew that Elaine was called to the police station for questioning this morning. She was worried that Elaine would confess to the officer about the bullying she had suffered in the cell by her and Jennifer. She was also worried that Elaine would apply for a cell change. If the officer took her away, her greatest and only pleasure in the detention center would be gone! For so long, Lady Wilson was down in the dumps because of the misfortune and tribulations that s

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