Chapter 917

At this moment, the graceful Jasmine exited the elevator. The purpose of her visit was to give Paul the flower baskets, but she could not take her eyes off Charlie. She was over the moon every time she saw Charlie as if she had returned to her eighteen-year-old self, the tender age when she had first experienced love and passion. In fact, a girl who was from a wealthy and influential family like her had to learn to grow up and be mature earlier than ordinary people. They had to get into the cruel reality earlier and learned to put on a disguise earlier. But ever since she bumped into Charlie and falling in love with him, her ability to put on her disguise failed whenever she was in front of him. She asked shyly while staring at Charlie, her eyes full of admiration and affection, “Master Wade, how do you know Mr. Paul? He just arrived in Oskia not long ago, didn’t he?” Charlie smiled warmly and answered, “My father-in-law and Paul’s mother were college mates, that’s how we knew ea

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