Chapter 914

Paul nodded gratefully and blurted, “Charlie, thank you so much! I’ll get someone to do it right away!” Charlie plastered a smile on his face. “Hold up, I haven’t finished.” Paul said respectfully, “Oh, please proceed.” “While applying the films to the windows, you must place a golden Pixiu on each side of the wall. Remember, it must be a pure gold Pixiu in order for it to play the best role in attracting fortune. Moreover, the Pixiu is known for eating gold, silver, and jewels but cannot expel it, which makes it the perfect symbol of the acquisition and preservation of wealth. By doing so, it forms the perfect layout of retaining the wealth when the money comes in and your business will subsequently flourish and prosper.” Paul clasped his fist at Charlie with a grateful look and said, “Wow, you are indeed very talented and gifted! From now on, I’ll call you Master Wade like everyone else!” Charlie laughed and waved his hand, “Oh, please don’t! If you call me that in front of my f

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